Spadra…Face to Face with The Soul Collector

PHOTO_20160505_222745As I sit here and try to reason out tonight’s events, I find myself with more questions than answers. So I will simply relate what happened and what I saw, so forth. I will try to reason and separate later with logic if that is possible.

Tonight around 6:30pm, we arrived at Spadra. We drive past it and around up Humane Avel (the other side of the steep hill) and back around. Nothing to really report. Nothing out of the ordinary. The cemetery sits back behind the railroad tracks next to the 57 Fwy and behind industries. You would miss it if you did not know what you were looking for.

No cars parked around. A lot of the industry looked done for the day. We drove up and saw this:

spadragateWell…gotta be honest. I never really let a locked gate deter me. After all, there is no sign that says do not trespass. You can see there are three large locks on the gate. The road goes down and across a train track and down a bit further to the cemetery. To the right is the freeway. Now you can see a fence is fallen on the right…unfortunately, there are 2 more formidable fences to climb to get to that one. Not going to work for me. So I call my friend Mary. I tell her what I have encountered and does she know another way in? She always knows another way in. Under the freeway pass, further to the right in this picture is a fire road and gate. Not an actual gate, like a swinging pole. I walk over there. No signs to keep out. The fire road is really a road over an aquaduct and then a huge dirt field. The size is from the gate here to that tree at the end of the brick wall. I slip under the pole and walk on. Cammy following behind me. I am still on the phone with Mary. I am reasoning with her on why I am not trespassing and she is agreeing. I get to the underpass and I smell weed. I tell that to Mary and tell her I must not be alone here. I round the corner and there is a guy. Smallish. Glasses. Painting with spray paint an art piece. I say HEY. He says HEY. I am still on the phone with Mary. I ask him if he knows if the cemetery is open. He says, I think it is over there. I continue talking to Mary and telling her that if I should get arrested…Bail me out please.

I cross the tracks and hear Cammy talking to the graffiti guy. I continue down and the cemetery is indeed, open. No signs. I look up about 50 feet in and there is a No Trespass Sign as the grounds are for “Tenants Use Only”. I chuckle and choose to act as if I do not see and prepare to act dumb if caught. What tenants exactly? hmmmm

I take pictures. I catch nothing of great intrigue and decide to turn on my phone recorder and place at the base of the tombstone of the towns creator, Phillips. I see no one and hear no one, so I feel confident with my phone there while I scoot around the place. It is not a big place and supposedly there are 212 bodies there…where? On top of each other? A mass grave? I dunno.

So Cammy and I walk around. I keep hearing movement around me. In the leaves. In the trees. I catch a shadow or two in the corner of my eye. I blow it off as the wind with the hope that if it is someone, they will speak to my phone and I will get info. Cammy walks up to me and says “I hear keys shaking at me…like right behind me.” I never comment on an investigation as I do not feed into hysteria or mind tricks. I let everyone experience. Mental note taken.

I decide to walk over to my phone and take a last spin around using the a ghost box app. Calling it eventful but in a soft, kinda…yeah there is energy but whatever, kinda way. I look up and there is a gentleman at the fence. Wearing all white. I stop and look at him. He does not move. At first I squint to see if he might be peeing. Maybe he does not see us or does not care. Nope. Not peeing. Just standing and staring. I cannot make out any features on him other than tall and wearing white. He walks towards the steep hill not the other way which is out. I look and Cams and say…we should probably go ahead and go. I do not like the human visitor. She says okay. I grab my phone and turn off the recorder and see I have messages. I look at them. From Mary. She had decided it was important for her to drive down to Spadra to make sure I got in but not to join me. I look up to see if I see the man and the side of the mountain catches my eye. There is a black line of what I think could be people. Same height. In Black. Moving quickly and like a snake down the mountain. I cannot see any features nor faces. I can see heads. I can see shoulders. I can see arms. I can see legs. I see no separation between their torsos. I chuckle to myself…fucking human centipede. Right?! My mind goes to a warped movie where humans are sewn together and I chuckle. Awesome brain…just awesome. However, something about the movement and the quickness unsettles me.

You know when someone runs down a steep hill, you can see them do so in jumps and jerky movements? This did not and they moved in synch….like they were just one. Impossible. But unsettling all the same. I look at my final message from Mary as we are beating feet to the exit (about 200 yards) to leave. “I saw a black shadow…in a line…at the gate. Heading towards you. Are you alone?” I tell Cammy…go. Fucking go.

We get to the exit and look toward the hill. The man in white is sitting on a rock at the base. I still cannot see any features and the black line of whatever, it is already there. It moved ridiculously fast. Impossibly fast. No features. No sound. Silent.

Cam and I head out towards the tracks to the tunnel. The black line is behind us…no sound but moving in a straight line…not side by side…straight line. My first thought? Awesome…fucking gang members or some death metal goddamn satanic wannabes. Perfect. We go through the tunnel. Cammy way ahead of me as I keep slowing down to look behind me and try to grasp a feature. Any feature. Something. An eye. A mouth. A nose. Lips. Something. There is nothing and I am wondering if there are masks although you can tell a mask and nope…not a mask. I come into the tunnel and the painter guy startles me with a “hello” “Have fun?” I said I had. I said…getting a bit intense. No one follows me. I feel like I can take a breath. Stupid, paranoid me. Kids went to the cemetery. He said he was not aware of the cemetery until I had said something. He thought it was a park. We chuckled. Then we hear rocks being stepped on in the tunnel. We look. No one. Well, to be fair there is a wall between the tunnel and the tracks. I assume they are walking there. I yell at Cammy to move on. She is already out of the tunnel and in the dirt field. The painter guy looks at me like…Who the hell? I said…there is a group of people behind me and I do not know about them. He says he does not either. Has not seen anyone but me. We hear the rocks…but the sound stays coming from the same spot. He says well, move on. I said…yep. I take off walking towards the end of the tunnel to leave. He grabs his pack and walks towards the other end where the rocks are crunching.

I look back and I see him at the end looking back at me. I asked him…you going to be okay? He scoffs and says..YEAH. He looks around the wall to the other side. Flies back, up straight. He turns to look at me…pale. He says… GO… RUN….and he takes off down the tracks in the other direction. I turn and move it. I hear the same beat of movement in the rocks but this time they are moving in leaps and bounds towards me. I leave the tunnel.

I get outside and I see Cammy up ahead. Almost out of the field and to the car. I move a bit faster. I keep looking behind me. I see no one. No one exits the tunnel. I am half way through the field now. I look back again. No one. I look forward at Cammy and smile because I am home free and feeling stupid for letting a small panic hit. I see her face and her eyes widen. I turn around…the line of black thing…it is right up behind me. I mean right up behind me. No sound. No footsteps. Right up behind me. I can still see no features. I move forward a bit faster. I grab my phone and call Mary. I want someone to know where I am when I am killed. Find the body here please…but I do not panic. I talk about the clouds. The tombstones. The fact that I am leaving now. I am on her voicemail.

I continue to look backwards. This is odd behavior for me. Not the looking backwards part, the running. I do not run if I feel threatened. I move aggressively towards the object presenting the threat. Sometimes I con the people I am with to walk towards the paranormal activity so that I can get a picture with a measurable human there. I am that asshole. This time, I moved and I moved quickly. I turned again and they are were far behind. I looked towards Cammy and back again and they were up on me again.

I got the water crossing and slipped through the pole. I looked back and they, or it, was back at the middle of the field still facing me and walking towards me but somehow quite a bit behind me. I got in the car. They, it, never did leave the dirt field.

I am left unsettled. I am left startled. I have faced some of the most vicious and sometimes demonic energies and laughed…this was somehow different and I do not like it one bit.