Daemons of Utica…The Last Chapter?

I hope this to not be the final chapter on Utica, but it sadly might be as the residents rarely stay for a long time there and none are willing to talk.

Loretta moved on. Later in high school, my mom drove us through the neighborhood. Dad’s old house had funeral wreaths all over the lawn. My mom and I both were like…what? NO!! She slowed the car and the banners were definitely funeral but from different names. My mom drove around the block so that we could get a better look again. We ran into a small accident and it delayed us not more than 15 minutes really.

We came back around…and the wreaths were gone. No trace. We left.

It would be over 2 decades later that I would return with Vicky, my significant other at the time. We drove through the neighborhood again. The blinds of the house still did not sit right and our cameras would not focus no matter what we tried.

I have not returned since. I have never heard from Loretta nor Janine since they left. Her dad left the neighborhood. In fact, the neighborhood has changed over constantly. The school there behind the neighborhood, for the longest time had the most violent reputation.

The room that was locked in my dad’s house? That was a roommate. He was my dad’s friend. Suddenly, one night in his room, he took a phone call from the landlord. A woman. During the phone call he screamed.. “Please. No. I do not want to.” He then shot himself in the head. He died while on the phone with her.

I met her once. My mom twice. I had no idea who she was. My mom had gone with my stepdad to her house to sign papers. This is related to me from my mom:

‘When we pulled up, the house was incredibly out of place. The way it was built was just wrong for the neighborhood. Large and old. I noticed when I pulled up the palm trees on the property were blowing so hard that they were bending….but, there was no wind except on the property. She was creepy. Incredibly evil. I had to go to the bathroom and I got lost in the house. I tripped on the staircase and it was a Ouija board. There were weird type statues and drawings all throughout the house. I left.”

I met her by mistake really. I was in my backyard one day playing with my dog and my goat. I saw an old woman creeping at the side of the house. I went to the fence and yelled out at her if I could help her. She jumped. She came over and introduced herself to me as the landlord from the house next door. I just stared at her. She seemed to shift in looks around the eyes and mouth. She shook my hand just as my mom pulled up. My mom jumped from her car screaming “Get away from my kid, you evil bitch.”  She left. Turns out, she really was the landlord for next door. Creepy.

Although it would have been in 1970’s, it may have the impact on the energy of the place. A great deal of the land was owned by one woman at the time of the problems. This woman was evil. Meeting her was unsettling. It would be in my later 30’s that my mom would sit down with me and describe in better detail what she saw. The symbolism is called VeVe’s. Not Vodou precisely, not the way we know it here. It is Kongo and it had a Palo Mayombe slant to the statues and other items. The Kongo can be very aggressive and Palo is considered the darkest and most aggressive shadow of Santeria. Considered to be evil to the core…I find it to be interesting as a religion and one that has a definite place in this world.

The roommate was talking to her. The houses on the block were surrounded by houses throughout the block that were hers. Could she be the key to the hauntings? Could she be the key to what the hell, from hell, set up residence there? Could it be spreading? Could it’s influence reach beyond? One will never know and she is dead but not gone as the block is still a hotbed of activity, violence and aggression.

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